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  • ICMT Research Topping the Charts.
  • Fazlollah Madani Sani to Receive the NACE Outstanding Student Award at CORROSION2020.
  • Marc Singer wins the 2020 NACE H.H. UHLIG Award.


  • ICMT's Application Engineer Arkopaul Sarkar Defends Ph.D.
  • MIT's Dr. Ron Latanision visits ICMT.
  • First Defense of Fall 2019 for Claudia Prieto.
  • ICMT Student, Aria Kahyarian, Wins the Corrosion Division Morris Cohen Graduate Student Award 2019.
  • A Recent Molecular Simulation Paper Published by ICMT Team.
  • ICMT Student, Fazlollah Madani Sani, Receives 1st Prize at 2019 Ohio University Student Expo.
  • ICMT Student, Fazlollah Madani Sani, Wins the G.E. and G. V. Smith Memorial Engineering Award
  • ICMT Students Recognized with Top Awards at NACE 2019
  • Corrosion Center JIP Spring Advisory Board Meeting


  • Russ Professor of Chemical Engineering Srdjan Nesic Joins President Duane Nellis and the Ohio University Delegation in a Visit to Malaysia.
  • Shanshan Yang has also joined the Institute as a MS Student.
  • ICMT Researchers in Argentina.
  • ICMT Student, Ru Jia, Receives Graduate Student Book Award at NACE 2018.
  • A Big Night for ICMT at the Awards Banquet at NACE.
  • ICMT Students Receive Top Awards at NACE 2018.
  • Professor Srdjan Nesic Explains Pipeline Corrosion in his 2018 W. R. Whitney Award Lecture.
  • Professor Srdjan Nesic to Receive the Willis Rodney Whitney Award at the NACE 2018 Corrosion Conference


  • Tanaporn Tanupabrungson (Roong) and Thunyaluk Pojtanabuntoeng (Kod) have both joined the ICMT as PhD Students.
  • Shanshan Yang has also joined the Institute as a MS Student.
  • NACE2008. Students and Faculty of the Institute presented 9 papers in 8 different symposia at the NACE 2008 Annual Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans, Louisiana, March 16-20.
    Topics included: Updated CO2/H2S Corrosion Model, Anaerobic THPS Degredation in Seawater, Napthenic Acid and Sulfidation Corrosion, Passivation and Galvanic Effects in CO2 Corrosion, Undissociated Acetic Acid on the integrity of Iron Carbonate Film, FREECORP OS: A free open source model for internal pipeline corrosion, TLC Corrosion, TLC corrosion in CO2/H2S environments, Phase Wetting in Oil-Water Pipe Flows and Erosion-Corrosion.


  • Thibault Therrade a graduate student in material engineering for Polytech-Nantes (France) will work on the study of condensation regimes in Top of the Line Corrosion.
  • Fernando Farelas, a PhD student from the Mexican Petroleum Institute will be here until June 2008
  • Another Post Doc joins the team, Yoon-Seok Choi.
  • Guillaume Sapaly also visited the Institute as an intern for the summer from France
  • Pier Paolo a visting scholar from Italy joined the institute for the summer and has now returned to Italy
  • Vanessa Fajardo and Christian Canto return to the Institute to do PhD work
  • A new Post Doc joins the team, Sonja Richter
  • NACE2007. Students and Faculty of the Institute presented 8 papers in 5 different symposia at the NACE 2007 Annual Conference and Exhibition in Nashville, Tennessee, March 11-17. Topics included: H2S, CO2, and organic acid corrosion; phase wetting transitions in oil-water flows; localized corrosion; TLC in sweet conditions, and a case based reasoning model of CO2 corrosion.
  • Wei Sun gets hired by ExxonMobil
  • Nicolas Jauseau joins the Institute as a PhD student
  • Pankaj Ajmera, Shufan Wang, Jin Huang and Lei Huang join the Institute as MS Students


  • Vanessa Fajardo and Christian Canto return to UNAM, Mexico, after completion of organic corrosion research
  • Two new Post Docs join the team, Dingrong Qu and Xiu Jiang
  • Six (6) technical symposia presentations given at NACE2006 by Authors and Co-Authors associated with the Institute: Srdjan Nesic, Bruce Brown, Haitao Fang, Alvaro Camacho, Tingyue Gu, Jie Wen, Kaili Zhao, Wei Sun, Jiyong Cai, Ramakrishna Malka, Hongbin Wang, Chong Li, Francios Ayello, Xuanping Tang, John Kunlin Lee and Shilpha Parakala.
  • Newly assigned Project Leader: Dr. Khairul Alam, Water Wetting Project
  • Dr. Jiyong Cai gets hired by ExxonMobil
  • Alvaro Camacho completes his MS Degree and becomes the Senior Corrosion Engineer at Lloyd's Register Technical Services Inc. in Houston, TX.


  • Ramakrishna Malka and Shilpha Parakala complete MS degrees.
  • Nine (9) technical symposia presentations given at NACE2005 by Authors and Co-Authors associated with the Institute: Srdjan Nesic, Conchita Méndez, Marc Singer, Alvaro Camacho, Sandra Hernández, Kunal Chokshi, Wei Sun, Omkar Nafday, Chintan Jhobalia, An Hu, Tingyue Gu, Gary Weckman, Jiyong Cai, Kun-Lin John Lee, and Bruce Brown.
  • Newly assigned Project Leaders: Marc Singer, Top-of-the-Line Corrosion Project; Dr. Jiyong Cai, Water Wetting Project; Bruce Brown, Corrosion Center Joint Industry Project; Dr. Tingyue Gu, Bio-Corrosion Project.


  • Kun-Lin John Lee completes Ph.D. degree.
  • Bruce Brown, Kunal Chokshi, An Hu, Chintan Jhobalia, Omkar Nafday, and Ying Xiao complete MS degrees.
  • Ten (10) technical symposia presentations given at NACE2004 by Authors and Co-Authors associated with the Institute: Shihuai Wang, Keith George, Marc Singer, Yuhua Sun, Jiyong Cai, Ying Xiao, Kun-Lin John Lee, Bruce Brown, Shilpha Reddy Parakala, Srdjan Nesic.


  • Shell joins the research program.
  • ExxonMobil joins the research program.
  • Yuhua Sun and Fredric Vitse complete PhD degrees.
  • Keith George completes MS degree.
  • Yuhua Sun accepted position with BP.
  • Four (4) technical symposia presentations given at NACE2003 by Authors and Co-Authors associated with the Institute: Yuhua Sun, Keith George, Bruce Brown, Kun-Lin John Lee, Srdjan Nesic, Shihuai Wang, Frederic Vitse


  • BP rejoins the research program.
  • Clariant TR Oil joins the research program.
  • Five (5) technical symposia presentations given at NACE2002 by Authors and Co-Authors associated with the Institute: Srdjan Nesic, Kun-Lin John Lee, Vukan Ruzic, Bruce Brown, Al Schubert, Yuhua Sun, Tao Hong, Frederic Vitse, and Dr. Khairul Alam


  • Derek Bleyle and Dinesh Dhanabalan complete MS degrees.
  • Hua Shi, Hongwei Wang, and Hongbin Wang complete PhD degrees.
  • Srdjan Nesic appointed as new Director


  • Project on top-of-line-corrosion started by Total.
  • Paul Jepson resigns, Charles Alexander appointed as Interim Director.
  • Damodaran Vedapuri completes PhD degree.


  • Institute status granted by OU as the umbrella organization for the three centers.
  • Petrobras and JNOC join the research program.
    NSF I/UCRC status renewed.


  • Petronas drops out of program due to company restructuring.
  • New Drag Reducing Center is established with support from four companies.
  • NSF I/UCRC renewal proposal submitted.
  • Damodaran Vedapuri completes MS degree.


  • Construction on new $2 million building housing the Institute is completed.
  • Intevep joins the research program.
  • Petrolite drops out of program, company takeover by Baker.
  • Special project on material Selection started for ARMCO.
  • Special project on crude oil corrosion started for Saudi Aramco.
  • Special projects for BP Saudi Aramco and Statoil on drag reduction.
  • Special project on inhibitors for Baker Chemicals.
  • Special project for Liberty Technologies on valve performance.
  • Two new patents granted.
  • Rob Vancko, Jeff Maley, Lisa Maley, Roulan Zhang, Qing Qing Xie,
  • Murlidhar Tulshyan, Vijay Krishnamurti, Vishy Parthasarthy and Vamsi Mantripragada complete MS degrees
  • Bob Wilkens completes PhD degree, hired by Shell.


  • Sour corrosion facility designed.
  • Environmental multiphase project started with Systech.
  • BP started a project on Drag Reducing Agents (DRA).
  • Special project started for Shell.
  • Exxon started a project on measuring mass transfer and turbulence in disturbed flow.
  • Huey Chen works on EIS and ECN in Center.
  • Five new patents submitted and three new granted.
  • Flow and corrosion course delivered to Mobil.
  • Center becomes one of top priorities in College.
  • Samir Bhongale completes MS degree.


  • Unocal, Saudi Aramco, Agip, Baker Chemicals, Robbins & Myers join the research program.
  • New Center on Multiphase Flow Metering started.
  • Exxon started a project on simulation of turbulence around pipe connections.
  • Columbia Gas started the ultrasonic flow metering project. Robbins & Myers start a project on multiphase pumping.
  • Mobil starts project on corrosion in steam generation plants. Yashika Deva, Ajay Maholtra and Ashwini Kaul complete MS degrees.


  • Shell, Texaco UK, Phillips and Total join the research program.
  • Marathon drops out of program.
  • Summet Kanwar Richard Menezes and Anil Kumar complete MS degrees.
  • Madan Gopal completes PhD degree.


  • NSF IUCRC status approved ($100,000 recieved from NSF).
  • ARCO and Baker drop out of program.
  • Amoco, British Gas, Petronas and Oryx energy join the research program.
  • Xiangling Zhou and Ai Hsin Lee complete MS degrees.
  • One patent issued.


  • Full NSF I/UCRC grant proposal submitted.


  • Two rigs transferred to OU, two others built. Four graduate students and one postdoc involved.
  • Baker, Nalco and Petrolite join the research program.
  • NSF I/UCRC planning grant proposal submitted.


  • Preparation of proposal for an industrial consortium
  • First Board Meeting at University of Illinois (six companies: ARCO, BP, Conoco, Exxon, Marathon, Mobil).


  • First project for ARCO

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