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Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

The SEM is a JEOL JSM-6390 capable of high magnification (x300,000), low vacuum and is equipped with a fully eucentric specimen stage with a 5 diameter sample coverage.

Low vacuum capabilities are necessary when studying biofilm or other samples which contain water or hydrates.

2D image of surface  3D image of surface

Since the stage can be tilted, it is possible to combine images in order to create a 3D view of the surface. This is especially useful when studying large pits. The program used is MEX from Alicona. The images above show on the left a 2D image of the surface and on right a 3D image of the same surface. With the 3D image is it possible to calculate depth and to get a calculation for surface properties, such as the roughness.


An EDS equipment, Genesis from EDAX, can be used in a conjunction with the SEM. This equipment allows the user to identify elements present on the specimen and the distribution of the elements over the surface.

For inquiries about the SEM or to schedule a session and/or training, please contact Dr. Fernando Farelas.

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