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Mohiedin Bagheri PhD Defense

ICMT PhD student Mohiedin Bagheri has successfully defended his dissertation research, "Mechanism of Anodic Dissolution of Iron and Steel in CO2 Environments". His research focus was the mechanistic investigation of the multistep reaction that occurs during CO2 corrosion. After critical review of the fundamental theories underpinning the oxidative dissolution reaction, he developed a simpler narrative that was successfully applied in corrosion modelling. Furthermore, has research yielded important insights into how specific environmental factors (e.g., pH, dissolved CO2, temperature, steel type, etc.) can mechanistically impact kinetics of elementary steps, and ultimately the overall reaction of iron dissolution. His advisor was Professor Srdjan Nesic, his committee members were Professor Howard Dewald, Associate Professor Katherine Cimatu, Associate Professor Marc Singer and Research Associate Professor Yoon-Seok Choi. Mohiedin holds a MS degree in Chemical Engineering, also from OHIO, as well as BSc and MSc degrees in Materials Science & Engineering from Sharif University of Technology. He has published in the peer reviewed journals Advanced Materials, Materials & Design, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Materials Science & Engineering, Australian Journal of Chemistry, Electrochimica Acta, and Analytical Methods. He will be joining OLI as an Electrolyte/Corrosion Simulation Specialist.

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