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OHIO Alum Jason Dreher Adds a MS to his ChemE BS

OHIO ChemE alum Jason Dreher successfully defended his MS research on September 22, his thesis title is "Developing Methods for Proper Determination of Alkalinity in Oil and Gas Field Brine"; his advisor was ICMT's Associate Professor Marc Singer.

The objective of his research was to investigate and develop methodologies to analyze brine chemistry data to extract useful information that can be applied to corrosion modeling. His research covered how to interpret field brine chemistry data, methods to conduct titrations of unknown brines, and the development of a model predicting titration curves for bicarbonate and carboxylate ions. Jason explored the influence of salinity, carboxylate type, sparging with CO2, and ionic strength on the analysis of titration curves. His work assists corrosion engineers in their interpretation of water chemistry documentation, and their selection of inputs into MULTICORPTM, as well as other software packages, for corrosion prediction.

Jason is set to join ChampionX as an Offshore Project Engineering Representative to their client base in the Gulf of Mexico, his initial duties will relate to chemical inventory, sample collection, and analytical testing. ICMT wishes him well as he embarks on his career in industry.

Jason with CC-JIP Project Leader Dr Bruce Brown
in our laboratory

Jason on his last day with ICMT
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