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Corrosion Center JIP Spring Advisory Board Meeting - 2022

The Corrosion Center Joint Industry Project (CC JIP) semi-annual advisory board meeting was conducted as a hybrid "in-person & virtual" format from the ICMT. This was our first in-person meeting since October 2019, so it was very nice to see everyone for face-to-face discussions again. At the meeting "in-person" were 9 representatives from 7 sponsoring companies and we had an additional 15 representatives who attended the meeting virtually, so that 11 of our 13 sponsoring companies were able to be in attendance. During the 2 & 1/2 day event, there were 21 presentations covering research related to fundamental corrosion mechanisms, water chemistry, sour corrosion, factors in localized corrosion, inhibition mechanisms, modeling, and a new research proposal related to supercritical carbon dioxide corrosion. The recorded presentations are available on our secure server for members of our sponsoring companies to review at any time.

CC JIP Spring Meeting Attendees
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