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Double December Defenses

Friday 13th, great day for a double defense!

At noon, Juan Dominguez Olivo defended his dissertation, "Electrochemical Model of Carbon Dioxide Corrosion in the Presence of Organic Corrosion Inhibitors"; supervised by Prof. Srdjan Nesic. His ground-breaking work elucidates mechanisms of corrosion inhibition. At CORROSION2018, He won first prize in the Marcel Pourbaix category for Corrosion Science, awarded by the NACE Foundation, for his poster, "Effect of Corrosion Inhibitor Alkyl Tail Length on the Electrochemical Process Governing CO2 Corrosion"; subsequently publishing on this in Corrosion. He has secured a position in industry, beginning January.

After a short break, Hamed Mansoori defended his dissertation, "Influence of Calcium and Magnesium Ions and their Carbonate Scales on CO2 Corrosion of Mild Steel"; supervised by Assoc. Prof. Marc Singer. There is minimal information in the scientific literature relating to how the presence of alkaline earth cations, ubiquitous in oilfield brines, impacts corrosion processes. His research had particular challenges, for example, optimization of his experimental setup for water chemistry control and relating to surface characterization. At CORROSION2019, he won first prize in the Mars Fontana category for Corrosion Engineering, awarded by the NACE Foundation, for his poster, "Influence of CaCO3-Saturated Aqueous Solutions on CO2 Corrosion of Mild Steel". Hamed has published his findings in Corrosion Science, Corrosion, and the Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering. He recently started a position with Occidental Petroleum.

Picture above (L to R): Dr. Timothy J. Cyders, Dr. David Young, Dr. Srdjan Nesic, Juan Dominguez, Dr. Katherine Cimatu and Dr. Marc Singer.
Picture below (L to R): Dr. David Young, Dr. Jason Trembly, Dr. Srdjan Nesic, Dr. Travis White, Hamed Mansoori, Dr. Lauren McMills and Dr. Marc Singer.
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