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Professor Srdjan Nesic to Receive the Willis Rodney Whitney Award
at the NACE 2018 Corrosion Conference

The Willis Rodney Whitney Award is one of the highest honors one can receive from NACE, given in recognition of significant contributions to corrosion science. Awarded since 1947, past recipients include H.H. Uhlig (1951), M. Pourbaix (1969), D. Macdonald (1992), and J. Frankel (2015), to mention just a few. Professor Srdjan Nesic will receive this award at NACE Corrosion Conference and Expo 2018 held in Phoenix, AZ, April 15-19, to honor his distinguished contributions in the area of corrosion, related to oil and gas production, and in recognition of how he has elucidated the roles of CO2 and H2S in corrosion of mild steel pipelines. His models and their associated software packages, FREECORPTMULTICORPTM, are widely used in both industry and academia to predict corrosion under a range of conditions encountered in oil and gas production.

Prior to joining Ohio University as a Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology in 2002, Dr. Nesic was a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, a Principal Research Scientist in the Institute for Energy Technology, Kjeller, Norway, and a research scientist at the Vincha Nuclear Institute, Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Link to NACE award page
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