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December MSChE Defense for Kevin Blake

Kevin Blake has successfully defended his thesis on December 18th 2018. Kevin's thesis topic is Experimental Characterization and Modeling of Wettability in Two-Phase Oil/Water flow in the Annular Flume Apparatus. His research is focused on the hydrodynamic characterization of the annular flume apparatus, which is designed to simulate pipeline flow in a small-scale setting, making experimentation of oil/water two-phase flow more timely and efficient than traditional testing. In this study, Kevin performed numerical modeling of single phase flow in the annular flume to produce computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations which were then validated with experimental hydrodynamic measurements; namely, tangential velocity, wall shear stress, and phase wetting. The results of the CFD simulations were used to visualize the flow characteristics in the annular flume and to modify a key parameter of the water wetting model developed by the ICMT. Kevin is currently working as a Product Engineer with Stirling Technology Inc., Athens OH.
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