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December PhD Defense for Ezechukwu Anyanwu

Ezechukwu Anyanwu has successfully defended his dissertation on December 14th 2018. Ezechukwu's dissertation topic was The Effect of Flow on the Development and Retention of Iron Sulfide Corrosion Product Layers. His research is focused on the impact of flow on the development and retention of iron sulfide corrosion product layers. In his study, he developed two experimental setups which were used to generate flow conditions required for his corrosion studies. The flow related mass transfer rates and wall shear stress in these systems were also characterized using electrochemical method and computational fluid dynamic (CFD) technique, respectively. He went ahead to study the impact of iron carbide on the development of iron sulfide layers, and also the impact flow on the development and retention of these corrosion product layers. Results from this study suggests that iron carbides not only influences the morphology of the iron sulfide layers developed, it is also critical to the overall protectiveness of the layers especially in high fluid velocity conditions. Ezechukwu has a conference paper accepted for NACE 2019 and four journal publications in preparation. He accepted an Associate position in the Materials & Corrosion Engineering practice at Exponent, Menlo Park CA.
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