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December PhD Defense for Yuan Ding

Yuan Ding has successfully defended his dissertation on December 10th 2018. Yuan's dissertation topic was Mechanistic Understanding of CO2 Corrosion Inhibition at Elevated Temperatures. His dissertation was under the supervision of Professor Marc Singer. Yuan's research was focused on the role of high temperature on the corrosion behavior with the presence of corrosion inhibitor. The results of this research highlighted the importance of considering the formation of corrosion products when developing inhibition strategy at elevated temperatures. It was observed that the formation of Fe3O4 corrosion product at elevated temperatures has a critical role in the performance of inhibitors. The corrosion rate was dominated by the development of Fe3O4 at 150oC if the inhibitor was injected after a short period of pre-corrosion (30 minutes). However, with further limiting the formation of corrosion product, the inhibitor can still decrease the corrosion rate, although poorly, at 150oC . The work also enabled the development of appropriate experimental setups and procedures to evaluate accurately inhibitor performances at high temperatures. This brought in a significant improvement in the understanding of corrosion inhibition at elevated temperatures, elucidating some aspects of inhibition performance that had been overlooked, and allowing better corrosion management strategies for high temperature applications. Yuan is currently looking for job opportunities in both industry and academics.
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